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A great merit reported, on the patented application,  as granted The  “pat” number US8,632,292B2. The patented abstracted,  created for engineering the Greenrenewable idea-concept-as abstract:   for new general joint investing partners,  in a hybrid-three  idea system.   Abstracted concept,  for making a new joint  Licensee software virtue hybrid technology products Special mold coating, as a lite fable steel production,  steel manufactureing. DESIGNING,   new  machinery of obtus-design, products,  and includes, its mobile  agricultural  equiptmentA Public Hybrid idea,  For a cloud base fusion,   creation.  A Hybrid base,  three-systems.   A original, Patented idea, granted.


Attention United States  world Patent Trade law.  The rightful Inventor, have a legal right, to due His Royalties, payments, on: 09/16/2014 in a Lump-Sum, and annually, every quarter, in a year, for the whole patented life expansion. Royalties are to be retrofitted back to date of the 06/24/2008. with a 3% added interest, for the late royalty payments due to be paid to the rightful Inventor.

Go to the White House Blog: Wide Bandgap Semiconductors: Essential to Our Technology Future.

To Make Public, goal is to  explicit Parent company brand, with it's Intellectual Patented Matrix License, advocating through a Public  Franchise opportunity. 

A Delaware C-corp,  public power  tax Franchise company,  is:   public Disclose,  into the Public as an  Documented reporting disclose company.

To Explicit Patent:  US8632292 B2,  it a hybrid License product opportunity, foresight as a Split 80.5/19.95 to each joint buy-in parter, users, them being a licensee  holders space product carbon code. being the matrix hybrid License product., marketing the coded  patented technology, and opportunity,  audited to  collecti owed Royalties,  thru the joint-ownerships product code, the hybrid matrix and License/Nonexclusive-work-for-hire-licensees, pre registered public made FDD,  agreements,.


GSA,  Prime government  agencies,  contractors,   Such as:  (Gov-agency Lab, Oak Ridge, Lockheed-Martin, labs space),  who'd awarded the  grant contracts,  with IAMPHTG brand, it's abstracted materials, in multi generic  schdules, which  are  on  a-work-for -hire FDD's, contracts.   Domain  to the   Public,  first on the GOV-WIN public domain website. GSA  general schdules  agreements,  a  Franchise Contractual opportunity,  as a FDD buy-in,   grant was  awards to Oak Ridge lab-space, as a gency of contractsors,  to explicit the Patent Abstracted concept, place   Under a   work-for-hire Hybrid license, product agreements, shown as general create commons public License.  Hybrid Matrix general proposal, Licensee contractual  agreement opportunity,  Is all in-meaning generic   each partnership by each meeting the buy in agreement,  Is  in    general Joint partnerships, by their  invested  leverage usages,  of the Patent raw technology, embeddedhybridtrailers, the  Core idea: the Patented concept, as  abstract.

If met the   buy-in,  has enter into the agreement,  suppost to,o, before using the public disclose Franchise ideas,  by Patent  abstracted concept.  (A hybrid License) tool, in a virture hybrid cloud space,  of virtue wirelesses service tool;s,  gap  bandwidth spacees,  the concept advocating by the Nonexclusive, hybrid licensee, as a product agreement. 

Patented seven claims, coded with virtue hybrid cloud services  information,  as a service technology,. 

The domain:, displayed the   raw liquid materials abstracted as hybrid Licensee, matrix.

The I AM PORTABLE HYBRID GROUP, have a Legal right, to have kept others from miss using it exclu7sives claims ,  google the well known Patented Hybrid technology concept information, byn ideas,  the raw  matrix,   the hybrid license, breeding    allowed in  joint users, being partners  of the brand, by the buy-in  through the allowed buy-in clause,  making new  general partnerships,  it disclose to the  public, in DOD  joint owners goverment Agencies have already FOB, SPIN-OFF,  used  THIRD PARTY global allied   partners, trade deals,  but the buy-in, unsucessfully capital no provision  arrangement,  in fruition to the   third parties using the  hybrid breed,  as a Hybrid License. 

Fruition is by Buy in compensation  clause,  as  displayed  in the  public domain,

A Live domain,  generic, connecting joint partnerships, and  buy-in,  virtue  live,  to create Joint partnerships.

Through  the   Patent Exclusive claims  seven rights:

The Patent Owner,   his  Exclusive,  claim right to create  an commercialization joint owner partnership,  giving each  of the partners rights to make use of the Patent, being   the  seven  claims  Patent properties acquisition,.  The  Parent brand is (TM) Company and products claims, as branded. 

DBA, IAM PORTABLE HYBRID GROUP,   have   legal rights to collect it owed royalties,  from those who infringe the Patent claims for  profits gain, by choice to  general  used the abstract, matrix,  hybrid  license as the Core,  embedded hybrid  licensee being the virtue raw data toools , and the idea concept-materials, Is a product.   Hybrid License,-an matrix hybrid lNon-exclusive Licensee.

The IAM Portable Hybrid Group, the company have  disclose to other its consulting marketing   intention,  to  make partnerships,  jointing  others to use the patented raw data, as a  hybrid materials, a brilliants IOT,   in  hybridizing into the grid iron, power lines,

as a network virtue wireless provided it 's  raw  cloud virtue of information concept;  being the Core technology, the  prime main-frame data loads,  of wireless materials  embedded company appplications as a cloud load, measured their aireodynamic Lite space  base on this mention concept.  Even though most want admit it.

The mainframe Core is supported by the Virtue hybrid Cloud space., however, you  are  using it as your   hybrid breed license,.

And you company, or agency, are  held to the  buy-in clause, domain  display, in the  pubic domain eye.

 Through this general  partnership   joint owners deals.  

Patent users, them become joint owners, by each being a Franchises,  of the Franchise

Franchise C-corporation entity.  

Sent the ideas throught  The GSA, proposal portal tools,   and file the idea with the department energy as well.  in-connection with the PTO,  govering lawyers, officers.

There is also a  written  Novel, (I AM PORTABLE HYBRID TRAILER GROUP) Birth-Pains-story,  Please read the last chapter in the NOVEL, CHAPTER SIX.

The lasted chapter, it being chapter six., displays  the FDD intent, AS A Global partnership  contractual franchise opportunity.
I would like to hope to gain legal support from Washington DC  (by THE Federal government,  giving the Franchise  C-Corp, corporate entity,  it's  public recognition   stating truth,  how it  help the government GPA,   giving the Parent brand  a Tax incentive made a Taxation without Representation, (showing where the product company has allowed  users,  of the hybrid licensee, and  hybrid matrix Information,  virtue technology,  a  virtue Hybrid, pro cloud of clouds services,   or  is it; really  the core Matrix hybrid  license? If so than royalties or due to be collect:  paid royaltise to: the Parent Company (Brand),  (I AM PORTABLE HYBRID GROUP).
  And  being the active main-frame product: as the buy GSA's hybid-trailers,  asisting the DOD,  by using, hybrid license as a product, in an FOB hybrid/Nonexclusive-FDD-licensee?

 The parent company  franchise need rush support from the government agencies,   the hybrid product concept did increase government agencies GPA, it  help the govern DOD-GOV-agencies   and  other  companies  profitable their gain profits, by their real  end balance sheets,  by including the government General services agreements, each contracts, each contractor,  are held to  it paying the Parent Company,  it  dues,   today's, royalties,  as a buy-in,  and royalties audited, infringing  of claim- seven claims,  by the  Patent,.  Public knowning the  Audit presently, made known domain.